YRG Group creates new platform for growth

A York-based company which provides packaging development and reprographic services for blue chip companies across the globe has brought its range of specialist services together under one brand to reflect the changing needs of the market.

YRG Group is the new name for YRG Eclipse and York Repro-Graphics, who have been providing services including packaging design, mock-up creation, high definition proofing and print plate-making since 1974. Starting from humble beginnings as a small reprographics firm in York, the company has since grown to become a market leader employing 65 people in a highly technical field with operations in Cottingham near Hull, York and Ireland, as well as a joint venture in Kenya.

YRG’s work is instrumental in the development of packaging for everything from breakfast cereals, confectionery, soft drinks and ready meals, to paint, pet food and children’s toys. The company works with clients to bring packaging concepts to fruition to the highest functional and quality standards, ensuring that brands are presented professionally and attractively for maximum customer appeal.

James Tinker at YRG Group said: “Packaging development is a highly technical process which requires great skill to achieve the right result and enable brands to thrive. It involves a blend of expertise ranging from understanding the capabilities of different print technologies, right through to creative design skills and brand management. That’s why we have taken the decision to bring all our complementary services together under the YRG Group brand.

“Becoming YRG Group, however, is about much more than just a name change. We’ve worked hard since we established our Cottingham site near Hull two years ago to shape the business in a way that enables our customers to gain a competitive edge from our services, maximising the potential of their products and meeting corporate goals. This includes environmental sustainability, illustrated by the investment in our plate-making processes which can now be water-based, solvent-free, where a customer is seeking a lower environmental footprint.”

YRG Group works with some of the world’s best-known consumer brands, as well as new brands seeking to establish themselves. It is one of the few companies of its kind with the capability to manufacture short runs of complete food product samples, trial packs and prototypes to enable brands to test the market.