3D Stills

Visualising your brand in three dimensions.

If you are looking for a photo-realistic impression of how your packaging will look, our 3D digital mockup design service is ideal. Our highly skilled designers will build on your packaging’s design and cutter guide to provide an accurate visualisation on screen.

In today’s fast-paced world and geographically dispersed teams, having access to a 3D version of your packaging design can be hugely beneficial. In addition to saving time on the production of a printed mock-up, a 3D graphic version can be shared amongst your team for easy collaboration, discussion and review. We’ll supply you with a jpeg that can be viewed on any type of device, anywhere in the world.

Where you are launching a range of products, the 3D image will provide a realistic preview of how the range will sit together. This can be a powerful first impression, providing the opportunity to review and to feedback to our design team so they can turnaround updated stills in the shortest of timescales.

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3D Animation

Take a virtual tour of your packaging’s potential.

With the latest 3D visualisation software and a talented creative design team, we can give you incredible insights into how your packaging will look, including in a virtual retail environment. Our 3D animators have the skills to provide you with a virtual mock-that is almost indistinguishable from a physical mock-up – seeing really is believing.

As with our 3D stills, you can access and share your animation with ease which will help streamline the development process, saving time and money. But choosing a 3D animated mockup gives you so much more insight.

With the most advanced 3D animation software at our disposal, we’ll create a virtual world for your product. Firstly, you’ll get to see how the packaging looks from all angles, in all dimensions. We can even show you how the opening and closing mechanism will work and how the packaging would be disposed of at the end of its life cycle. Then we’ll take your product into the retail environment, with a virtual store giving you an immediate first impression of how it will look merchandised alongside your competitor products – something that a printed mockup can’t show you. Finally, we’ll imagine how your customers will interact with the product, picking it off the shelf, taking a look at the product – and even what would happen if it was accidentally knocked off the shelf.

In addition to being a practical tool in the NPD process, a 3D animated mock-up can also be extremely valuable for using as part of your online marketing activities when the product is ready to launch.

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3D Printed Prototypes

A truly realistic insight for your brand.

Developing your packaging idea into a printed, prototype mockup, which shows your new creation using the proposed production materials, is the best possible way to preview your new product. Picking up the pack, feeling its texture, materials, size and weight, will give you a clear picture about whether it meets the brief. And with over 20 years’ experience in mockups for all types of packaging, YRG are experts in this field.

The samples and prototypes we create are perfect for market testing, securing approval from stakeholders and – importantly – giving you the confidence that your product is ready to progress to full scale production. We have numerous types of printing processes available in-house which enables us to provide a mockup that’s as close as possible to the end product.

We can produce everything from pouches, bags and labels to bottles, cans, cartons, shelf-ready packaging and sleeves – using a diverse range of substrates. To give you an authentic experience, we will ensure the packaging mockup contains product, which can be a simulation or the actual content – take a look at our Food Safe Mockups section to find out more.

And whatever your packaging design features, we’ll show you how this will look. We’ll apply any special features to your prototype including spot UV varnishing, embossing, foil blocking and metallic inks to give you the most realistic of representations for your packaging.

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Food Safe Mock Ups

Previewing the touch, feel and taste experience.

Take your new product to the market with confidence by using our food safe mock-up expertise. We’ll create your proposed packaging in prototype form, which will look virtually indistinguishable from the final production pack, so you can conduct effective customer trials or offer sample packs to assess the market appetite for your new development.

We are specialists in creating prototype, packaging mockups for food and drink manufacturers. Whether you need a single food safe mockup for internal use, 100 special packs for a trade exhibition or 2,000 samples for market testing we can help. Our extensive in-house production capabilities mean we can produce mock-ups using any materials in every kind of print process, with the additional application of any special features or finishes such as embossing or metallic inks.

Our food safe clean production facility enables us to pack any ambient food or drink product directly into the new packaging creation with complete safety assurance. This gives us the capability to produce short runs of packaging for clients to deploy in testing ahead of the full product launch. This crucial part of the NPD process can help you gauge success and potentially save time and money, subject to the outcome of your trails.

Our food safe mock ups are ideal for trialling confectionery, health foods and snacks and are trusted by many of the world’s best-known brands to help them bring their new packaging to fruition. But they are perfect for start-ups too, providing insights into how successful new products will be in today’s fiercely competitive consumer market.

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