Creative packaging design for maximum brand appeal.

Do you have a new packaging idea for your brand? Regardless of how far you’ve advanced your thoughts, talk to us and we’ll work with you to create a design that works for the product and your overall brand, whilst maximising customer appeal for your target audiences.

The product’s packaging is the most tangible form of the brand communication, so it’s crucial to get it right. It goes way beyond what consumers see online, in photographs or in adverts, being something they can feel, smell and even squeeze. And remember that packaging design needs to be tailored with care to appeal to different demographics, gender and age groups.

Your idea might still be in your head or just a rough sketch – that doesn’t matter. We’ll take your brief and provide you with a design concept that meets all your objectives. Our team of designers is continually developing packaging concepts for clients, bringing out the best in what brands offer to help achieve prominence and shelf-appeal in a crowded market.

With our reprographics heritage, we have a thorough understanding of how to use colour, images, the pack shape and numerous other factors to arrive at a solution that is feasible in terms of the available production processes. When we work with clients on their packaging design at the early stage

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Concept & Development Packaging

Translating your packaging idea into an appealing product

YRG will help you make your packaging design a reality with our concept development services. It is the vital stage at which we can establish how the product could utilise the many different materials, print processes and packaging technology available to ensure your brand engages with customers in the most powerful way.

Whether we have developed a design concept with you or not, we will work you to take the design onto the next stage – the creation of a cutter guideline. This is a specialist area which involves laying the design over a form which is sized and configured in line with the finished pack size and shape.

Our experience working with brand owners in this area is extensive, and we have grown to become the partner of choice for everyone from globally recognised household names to start-ups aiming to establish their fresh new identity. And by working with us on a long-term basis, clients that find our expertise in packaging design and concept development is extremely valuable in maintaining a consistent look and feel in the market.

In addition to developing the cutter guidelines, the concept development stage also provides you with an opportunity to explore the available packaging materials that we propose for your product. These will be based on your design, aesthetic and marketing ambitions and the product’s life-cycle. It’s the perfect time to review the options to arrive at the substrates you wish to proceed with.

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Photography to bring your idea to life

Once we’ve designed your packaging and developed a cutter guideline to show you how the flat packaging will look, it’s time to bring your idea to life. We understand how important it is for all stakeholders in the new product development process to visualise your new packaging ideas, and there is no better way to do this than with a mock-up.

Using your cutter guideline, we offer a number of mock-up options. You can read more about them in our mock-up services section. Ultimately, however, you will be seeking to understand how the new idea will look in physical form, and this is where we help clients through our in-house photography service.

With our professionally equipped studio facilities we can show you how your new packaging will look in 3D form, so you can discuss with your development team colleagues and keep your project on track. Having access to professional photos provides you with the perfect opportunity to review whether the packaging idea ticks all the boxes, giving rise to questions about the pack’s overall appeal, its size, colours, shape, etc. – all of which can be easily revised with ease at this early stage.

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