Picture perfect images for total brand consistency.

Taking your artwork from your chosen design to a print-ready concept involves a number of steps, but none are more important than ensuring your images will reproduce as expected on the intended packaging substrate.

This is where highly skilled retouching comes into its element. Our team of skilled retouchers will review every part of your image to ensure that all the tonal ranges are set up to look sharp, vibrant and on-brand when your packaging is printed.

If your brand is replicated across different packaging types and print processes, our specialist retouching systems can re-engineer the separations to ensure you get consistent visuality of your images.

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Print Feasibility

Ensuring your print ideas will work.

We do everything possible to make your packaging project a success, and that includes taking a step back before you proceed to print to ask, ‘will it actually work?’. Here we can provide you with expert insights to evaluate the feasibility of your packaging project – whether we’ve worked with you on your design and artwork, or not.

Our experience in advising clients on how best to take their packaging idea to the print stage extends over 40 years, which gives our clients valuable perspectives and insights at this important stage to avoid costly mistakes further down the line. We’ll guide you through the intricacies of the different print processes, and with our expertise in digital, litho, gravure and flexo print, we can provide a rounded picture about how your artwork will reproduce – and where you might need to make changes to succeed.

Whilst packaging print technology is constantly evolving – and we are at the forefront of this – the key to success is still to balance the characteristics of your design and artwork with the capabilities of the press. This could mean reviewing your proposed design to increase the size of text to avoid it being illegible when printed, adjusting colours, or rethinking special effects where a process is likely to struggle to reproduce them effectively.

And if you are a printer and looking for advice on how to overcome a potential issue with a current packaging project, we can help you too.

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Print Trials

Minimising risk to make your new product a success.

Once the feasibility of your packaging printing has been established, the next step is to proceed to a trial on press. This is the perfect opportunity to preview your tangible packaging, giving us a valuable point in the workflow to evaluate whether there is any scope for improvements or changes before we proceed to print.

We work closely with printers across the UK, Ireland and throughout the world which means we have a deep understanding of the numerous different print environments. This is important because it means we can iron-out any issues efficiently, working collaboratively with quality control managers within print companies to provide total client assurance.

In addition to working directly with clients, we also act as consultants to printers to conduct print trials and audits and to advise how to deliver optimum results for their clients. If you are a printer and interested in this service, please contact us.

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