Range & Brand Management

Your brand is one of your biggest assets in today’s competitive consumer marketplace, so it is extremely important that it is well managed. Everyone will recognise the red of a global cola brand or the purple of a leading UK milk chocolate manufacturer, but that consistency doesn’t happen by accident.

With so many variables at play when it comes to packaging production, YRG is ideally placed to help you stay in control and ensure you portray a powerful brand which looks consistently great.

Think of YRG as your brand consultants. We’ll help you take a step back and look at what you are seeking to achieve with your packaging ideas in terms of customer appeal, suitability for the product and meeting your budget. Your initial idea might not in fact be the best approach to your packaging given the way that different print environments and substrates reproduce designs, so let us guide you to the right packaging solution and lay down the foundations for optimum brand consistency.

We will work closely with you to create precise brand guidelines which means every packaging design will present your brand exactly as it should be. This includes setting the font types and styles, colours and templates which all current packaging and future designs will adhere to.

Whether you are a household name or a start-up brand, it’s vitally important to invest time and resources in managing your range and brand - and there is no better place to start than with your packaging.

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Artwork Creation

Whether you have a new packaging idea that’s still in your head or an initial design already approved, your next step is to generate the artwork that will help you bring it to fruition. Artwork creation for packaging is a specialist area and one that YRG are experts in thanks to our heritage in reprographics.

Our team of skilled designers will create your artwork in conjunction with a cutter guide that is appropriate for your intended packaging materials. It is an approach that involves engineering your artwork at the outset to suit the print environment, taking into account the way that colours and detailing reproduces on different substrates. As an ISO 12647 certified business, we provide assurance on colour management right along your workflow and that starts with your artwork.

But getting the technical side right is only part of what we offer – our artwork services bring together technical integrity with superb creativity. Ultimately, your packaging needs to present your brand in the best possible way, and we have the expertise to advise on what each print process is capable of. This can open up new approaches to your packaging design and artwork that you may not have previously considered – all within your agreed brand guidelines, of course.

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A key stage in the development of a new packaging design is to take your artwork and make it press-ready. Different print environments and packaging materials will reproduce your design, text, images and colours very differently, so it saves time and money to invest in setting up your artwork correctly.

It is a highly technical area in which YRG has over 40 years’ experience, working ‘under the hood’ of your artwork to make sure it works. If you are a graphic designer tasked with creating print-ready artwork for packaging, we can work with you to re-engineer your files to deliver as intended. This could mean adjusting the colour tones to accommodate a substrate’s characteristics, amending the shape of your design to allow for the substrate’s application on an unconventional pack shape, or increasing the size of small text to overcome known registration challenges with flexo printing.

Our experience in creating press-ready artwork stems from the fact that we offer a complete packaging design, artwork, reprographic and print service. Every day we print mock-ups for clients and produce large quantities of HD plates for printers around the world – all this enables us to understand how to engineer your artwork for the highest quality and most consistent result.

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